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Cultures of Violence: 4th Global Conference: Diversity
within Unity
26th to 28th September 2003, St Catherine's College,
Oxford, United Kingdom

This multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary conference
aims at identifying and understanding the prevailing
extent of violence in contemporary life. It likewise aims
at probing the representation of violence in media, art
and literature. Violence has been part of societies
purporting to unite people, e.g., totalitarian regimes. It
has been no less part of societies that set great store on
diversity. It remains a horrifying feature of today's world.

Papers are invited on the following themes:
* is violence part of human nature?
* war, civil war, terrorism and the metropolis
* policies of extermination
* religion, religious institutions, and their role in
curtailing or propelling violence; religious
fundamentalism and violence
* institutional life - including schools and hospitals
* ethnicity, nationalism, and sub-nationalisms; racism
and violence
* violence in the private domain - abuse of women and
* violence in the public domain - the legitimation of
violence, law, concepts of punishment, capital
* state violence - militarism and arms competition
* market economy and globalization; poverty and
* violence and modernity - the role of science and
* youth and violence - gang violence, children soldiers,
* can there be a culture counter to the culture of violence
and how is it to be promoted?

Papers will be considered on any related theme. The
conference is part of a larger series of on-going
conferences, run under the general banner 'At the
Interface'. It aims to bring together people from different
areas and interests to share ideas and explore various
discussions which are innovative and exciting.

The first Diversity within Unity conference was held in
Prague in 1999 and focussed on the theme of Human
Community and Civil Society. The second conference
was held in Oxford in 2000 and focussed on the theme of
Culture, Conflict, and Belonging. The third conference met
in Prague in 2002 and looked at Cultures of Violence; the
theme has been carried over to the 2003 conference.

300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday 13th
June 2003; please send to:
Dr Rob Fisher
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Full draft papers should be submitted by Friday 22nd
August 2003. Papers accepted for previous conferences
have been published in themed volumes. All papers
accepted for and presented at this conference will be
published in an ISBN eBook. Selected papers will
be developed in light of conference discussions for
publication in a themed hard copy volume.

For further details and information please visit the
conference web site:

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