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From Boethius (the last classical thinker and first medieval thinker) through at Least Chaucer [and so maybe I am abandoning the very late Middle Ages] there is a mode of thinking [at least partially, if not greatly influenced by Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Mystics] that the act of copulation is created by God to demonstrate to humans how divinity works.  1+1=3 is a kind of Kabbalistic mantra -- there is always something more there.  This is why Dante is so Vehemently anti-homosexual and anti-usurist.   Homosexuals cannot make a third from their couple and Usurers make something from an inanimate object (money).  This thread runs through Medieval literature (at least Medieval English and Italian and Provencal literature), just read _The Pearl_ or _Sir Gawain and the Green Knight_
Well said. I'm impressed.

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