To any MO birders that might want to participate.

Charlene Malone
chesterfield, MO
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Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 10:03 AM
Subject: No sightings - 2nd Annual Southernmost IL Birding Blitz, April 26th

> Kick-start your spring bird list in beautiful southern  IL!  Come
participate in the 2nd annual Southernmost Illinois Birding Blitz, April
267.  This year the Blitz is the highlight of Southermost Illinois Birding
Fest  taking place out of the newly constructed Cache River Wetlands Center
located on Illinois Route 37 on  April 26-27.
> The website (with all festival details) and Birding Bliz contest
description (also listed at the website) follows.  Registration forms are
located at the website.  Please share this with any and all who might be
interested.  Thanks.
> 2003 Birding Blitz Competition
> Teams participating in the Birding Blitz will search throughout
southernmost Illinois, north to Illinois Route 13, for as many bird species
as they can identify. (West of Murphysboro, the northern boundary will be
Route 149. West of the intersection of Routes 149 and 3, the northern
boundary will be an imaginary line due west to the Mississippi River.) No
bird species seen or heard outside the competition boundary can be counted.
Southernmost Illinois is bordered by the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Birds
counted along either of these rivers, must be no further than half way
across the river when seen or heard.
> Teams may begin recording birds as early as 12:01 a.m. on April 26th and
continue until as late as 12:00 p.m. that night. All teams must follow the
American Birding Association's Big Day Count rules, a copy of which will be
provide upon registration.
> There are six team categories. Teams must have a minimum of 2 members.
>     * Open -- Unlike the other specialty categories, this category mirrors
a true Big Day challenge.
>     * Senior -- All team members must be 55 years of age or older.
>     * Collegiate -- All team members must be college enrolled.
>     * Youth -- No team member may be older than 18 years of age.
>     * Muscle-powered -- Teams can not use any motorized form of
>     * Selected Site -- Teams restrict their birding to one selected site
within the described competition boundary. There are a number of great
public land sites within the boundary including but not limited to Cypress
Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Cache River State Natural Area, Trail of
Tears State Forest, Giant City State Park, and Horseshoe Lake Conservation
Area. The site selected cannot be larger than 50,000 acres in size. Contact
the management office of the site you choose to check for possible usage
fees or access restrictions. If a specific site extends beyond the
competition boundary, only that part within the boundary can be used.
> Registration
> A registration fee will be charged to cover costs of awards, T-shirts for
participants, and the awards. The non-student fee is $20 per team member.
Students, high school or college, pay $10 per team member. Below is a link
to the registration form. Make checks payable to Friends of the Cache with
"Birding Blitz" on the Memo. Mail to: Cypress Creek NWR, 0137 Rustic Campus
Rd, Ullin, IL 62992.
> Registration forms must be postmarked by March 7, 2003. Upon receipt of a
team's registration form and fees, additional information will be sent
including the American Birding Association's Big Day rules, area maps,
lodging information, pledge forms, and specific details about the award
picnic brunch. Pledging Birding teams are encouraged, but not required, to
seek sponsors to pledge an amount of money for each species recorded. At
least half of the money raised will be donated to forward bird conservation
in southernmost Illinois. Each team can name an environmental organization
or group of their choice to receive the remaining half of the funds they
raise. For more information, contact Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge
at 618-634-2231.
> --
> Rhonda Rothrock
> Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois
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