My Jasmine are in full bloom; I can't tell you all if they are more fragrant than lilacs since I haven't been up north in May in a few years; still, it is overwhelming.  I went out several times tonight to be near them.  I know that it's not kind to speak when one is angry so I shall limit my comments mainly to the Jasmine, with a diversion or two . . . I wonder if they took a poll tonight, how many Americans would vote to bomb Paris after we take care of the present menace?  I think the that the figure would be extraordinary high.  I hope they are happy in Paris tonight drinking their excess wine, toasting the Iraqi government for their capture of supply personnel and their treatment of them.  I hear that they found a chemical plant, one that was never visited by the inspectors, one that was hidden. My friend and neighbor, Kay: her son emailed her yesterday after a week without hearing from him.  She hasn't been to work since last Wednesday.  She doesn't sleep at night; she watches the TV all of the time.  He said to her that he's still in Kuwait.  I hope that's the truth.  I don't know. She doesn't know.  For all of you who have never visited the South, Jasmine are extremely fragrant white flowers, popular in vines.  Perhaps some of the superficial, disgusting movie stars were wearing some on some of their $10,000 gowns tonight, but I wouldn't know.