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I do not see any way the rest of this is relevant to invading Iraq.  No one
has ever said Hussein is not a tyrant or murderer, but we are content to
coexist with other tyrants and murderers.  It has not been US policy to
invade every country where there is any tyranny and murder, nor would it
be possible.

If the UN obtained some backbone, maybe it would be possible to bring at least a minimal amount of civilized comfort, education and democracy to all of the world.  What are they still doing in New York anyway?  And did you hear the French today?  They will veto any motion that puts us and the British in charge of post-war Iraq. What nerve.  We get rid of the tyrant and his weapons with the blood of our young men and then they expect to take over.  They must have an overabundance of wine since we're not buying it anymore.  Don't they get it.  Their veto means nothing to us anymore.