And, by the way, as morally superior and impeccable as the present incumbent is: "How many divisions has the Pope?", as one of "certified" dictators once inquired.

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  More power to you Kate Troy, whoever and wherever you are!

  All those (pseudo)intellectual ninnies who lecture us all the time from ivory towers where no real-life experience is available, tend to forget that had it not been for the democracy they take for granted but are not prepared to defend on the battlefield, they would be sitting in a dungeon supervised by a Saddam Hussein who, indeed, hasn't had a chance YET to murder six million people--in that sense, Adolf Hitler is much superior in comparison with him and he much inferior to Hitler. 

  Let us not forget that in the first decade of the 21st century evil people don't commit mass murder EXACTLY in the same way as in the fourth and fifth decades of the 20th.

  But there'll always be SANCTIMONIOUS DUPES ready and willing to swallow a dictator's propaganda

  Jacek Niecko
  Washington DC    
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      to attack and dismiss those
      who hate this war is to deal with the fact that it is also opposed by
      Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, the Pope, and nearly all of the American
      Council of Churches.

    You mean the same Pope who tells people not to use birth control, that it's a sin.  The more significant names are the ones you didn't cite.  More than 70% of not famous Americans support the War and that number has probably gone up now that our boys are on the ground fighting with their lives in danger.