More Ann  Coulter Big Lie horsecrap. That's not even close to the wording of a number of the resolutions. And I won't be advised of anything from a moron who just a while back didn't know the difference between the words Afghan and Afghanistan. And what about all those war-dogs over there in Key West? How come they weren't out there shutting down government  process the way it's usually done in FLAW. As far as Gainsville goes see below:

The Commission passed a proclamation acknowledging the views of anti-war groups without taking a stance for or against war as a city. Commissioner Tony Domenech, who voted against the proclamation, says, "I don't know what path it will head us down, but certainly it doesn't seem like a problem for me, but I'm not about to vote for something that i'm not sure of." Any organizations who want to submit their views on the war into public record can do so by way of the proclamation.

Proclamation Submitted by Commissioner Warren Neilsen:

The Gainesville City Commission

1. Recognizes The Gainesville Peace Coalition and their right to petition the Commission as the citizens' proximate level of represenative Democracy, and

2. Acknowledges the Peace Coalition's resolution and hereby places said resolution into the public record as a formal recapitulation on the Peace Coalition's policy positions in opposition to our Nation initiating was against Iraq on the basis of evidence of threat so far alleged but to their satisfaction not yet proven, and

3. Acknowledges that the views of the Peace Coalition are not necessarily shared by all citizens of Gainesville, and

4. Acknowledges that the views of the Peace Coalition are not necessarily the views of all members of the Commission.

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In Florida, Gainesville and Key West have passed such resolutions.

Gainesville didn't pass it; it voted it down.  And be aware that all of these proposed resolutions set forth language like "we support our country and especially our troops wherever they may be but hope that Prez Bush may somehow resolve this mess without war."