From: Justin Blessinger
> P.S.  If you truly want to avoid anything unrelated to Eliot, watch for either the "OT" tag or
> for anything else obvious like "A letter to Mr. Bush."
The OT tag is still officially recommended in the guidelines, I believe. It's a pity that so few people remember this.
Filtering the trolls is another good tactic, but since they never use the OT tag (obviously...), one eventually comes across replies to their nonsense. May I suggest that, when replying to a message with no Eliot content, listmembers add the OT label in the subject line? This can hardly take more time and energy than the reply itself. 
I'd also like to issue a call for more diversified subject lines. Some 'threads' end up being about everything except what the subject line announces.
RaphaŽl Ingelbien
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