I think this needed a few dancing hearts and maybe a bad midi attempt at "You are my Sunshine."  Bush stands neither in opposition to "the will and good judgment of the people of the United States" nor "against the will and good judgment of the people of all nations in the world" nor any of the rest.  Yes, he opposes some of them, perhaps even many.  I for one am glad the President doesn't rely upon Gallup to provide his morality.
Protest and debate all you like, but this kind of pap reduces the debate to the Care Bears versus the big, nasty ogre. 
My wife works with a rabidly anti-war person.  This person teaches fifth grade and cannot do basic division, nor did she know what the word "swastika" meant when "teaching" her class the other day.  She asked a student to draw one for her on the board, yet even after that staggeringly bad decision, she still didn't recognize the symbol.  She is over forty.  My wife has spent many futile hours in debate with her.  But now that she's become quite vocal in her anti-war position, my wife has decided it benefits us "hawks" far more to let her speak.
I'm not suggesting that doves and protestors are by and large of her ilk.  I'm just saying it's a bad idea to let them lead you, or have them write your forwards.
Justin Blessinger
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Date: Monday, March 10, 2003 6:22:38 PM
Subject: FW: A Letter to Mr. Bush; from a friend's friend
Subject: Fw: A Letter to Mr. Bush; from a friend's friend

Mr. Bush: I'm Coming for You
by Robert Rabbin

Dear Mr. Bush,

Today is February 17th. Yesterday I attended the peace
rally at the Civic Center in San Francisco, along with
about 250,000 other people, as diverse a group of
human beings as could be found anywhere in the world.
I wish you could have been there.

You were a central topic of conversation. Your picture
was on wide display, though not always in the most
flattering of ways. Had you been there, you would have
heard many people denounce you for your foreign policy
(and for your domestic policies as well). I do not
denounce you.

You would have heard many people express their anger
and outrage towards you and your administration. I am
neither angry nor outraged.

You would have heard people criticize and condemn you
for your implacable desire for war with Iraq. I do not
criticize or condemn you.

Had you been there, you might have felt that many
people hated you. But I do not hate you - even though
you stand alone, belligerent and defiant, against the
United Nations, against the will and good judgment of
the people of the United States, against the will and
good judgment of the people of all nations in the
world, against prudence, against reason, against the
united voices of religious leaders who are the
emissaries of wisdom, against every sacred impulse to
preserve life... even though you stand alone against
all of this I do not hate you.

I love you and I thank you, for you have shown me who
is truly responsible and culpable for the current
state of affairs. It is not you. Though it would be
easy to make a case against you for bullying the world
toward World War III, for threatening all prospects of
a peaceful and prosperous future for our nation and
for all nations, I will not do so.

You are not to blame. I am. This is what you have
shown me, and for this I love you and thank you. You
have awakened me to my own responsibility for these
gathering storm clouds of misery and calamity.

You have taught me that when I should have been awake,
I was asleep. When I should have been involved, I was
apathetic. When I should have been paying attention, I
was distracted. When I should have been concerned, I
was disinterested. When I should have spoken up, I was
silent. When I should have been active, I was passive.
When I should have stood tall in the name of peace, I
crouched meekly. This is what you have taught me.

You have also reminded me of the central teaching of
spiritual traditions and paths from around the world
and throughout the history of wisdom and truth: We are
all One being, connected and interdependent, sharing
the same soul of light and love. From this view, which
I have confirmed through personal experience, you are
my own self. How can I blame you? When I look at you,
I see myself.

It is not a self I want to see. When I see myself in
you, I become ashamed, for I see how easily I forgot
everything I learned in 30 years of spiritual study
and practice. When I see myself in you, I remember
what it was like to have lost my living connection to
love. And I am reminded of how without love there is
no empathy; and without empathy, there is no feeling;
and without feeling, a person can send 800 cruise
missiles into the cribs and carriages of young
children whose names and faces do not exist except as
pinpoints on a map, without feeling, a person can
launch a horror the likes of which have never been
seen on this Earth, a person can brush away all good
and wise counsel with the brutal hand of military
might married to arrogance and ignorance, one can
justify unleashing a firestorm of death on a country,
half of whose population is under 15 years of age.
Though your motives are clear and indisputable -
revenge, imperialism, and profit - these are not the
true cause of your intended actions. The true cause is
that I have forgotten to live what I know; I have
forgotten to love the world in real and telling ways.
And now I live as you. And though I speak to you, I am
speaking to myself.

You have helped me remember that I am to live what I
know, that I am to love the world in real and telling
ways. You have helped me awaken from my apathy with a
ferocious passion for life. You have touched something
deep within me, you have aroused something that is
almost fearsome to behold - it is the power of love,
too long forgotten and betrayed. And I pray that never
again will I forget or betray love.

And with this awakened and aroused passionate power of
love I intend to stop you. So, I want you to know that
I am coming for you, coming for that part of my own
self still steeped in forgetfulness and ignorance. I
am coming for you, but not with anger or hate or
blame. I am coming for you with love. I am going to
bring you back into my greater Self, the one that
could never, ever - not in a billion years - think up
the things you have thought up. I am coming for you.

One more thing. Do not underestimate the power of
love. Do not add this mistake to the long and growing
list of mistakes you have already made. Do not think
love is weak, or passive, or fearful. Love created the
universe. Love is louder and more explosive than
missiles, more powerful than fear, more conquering
than hate. Love cannot be stopped, but you can be. And
you will be, because I am coming to stop you with

2003/Robert Rabbin/All rights reserved.

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