I did not mean to suggest, and do not believe, that this war is "fascist".  But neither goose-stepping nor jackboots were invented by the Nazi's.  Gen. Steuben tried to teach the American colonists to goosestep during the Revolution, but they refused.

I meant to associate goosestepping not with political fascism -- which I admit is a common association that might reasonably be inferred from my post -- but rather with a sense of conviction so extreme that it results in the surrender of self-awareness, leading to argument that make the converted feel good, but look ridiculous to those yet unconvinced.  Rather like goosestepping itself.

One can support this war on the simple ground that Saddam has violated his treaty obligations, without rhapsodizing that the rest of the world is admiring our technology, our courage, our character, etc. as in the ridiculous post I responded to.  I rather suspect that the world's reaction is quite different and, wherever one stands on the war, the post seemed to me arrogant and delusional.

In short, supporting the war does not require the surrender of self-awareness or resort to drivel.  This post just happened to manifest both in the course of doing so.

Tom K