Vishvesh Obla wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied to my query.  Rick, special
> thanks to you for digging out the exact reference.

No, it was Nancy Gish and George Somerville who brought up the Gospel
of John.  I brought up the Rig Veda although I know next to nothing
about it.

> Rick, I saw your reference to the hymn of Creation
> from Rig Veda.  You might probably be interested in
> looking at the Mandukya Upanishad too.

Nancy has brought up this book in the past but I still haven't gotten
to it. I should probably do that before going into the upanishads.
T. S. Eliot and Indic Traditions
A Study in Poetry and Belief
Cleo McNelly Kearns
August 1987 | Hardback | 304 pages | ISBN: 0521324394
Temporarily unavailable - no date available

    Rick Parker