CFP: Call for panel proposals for MSA 5. Deadline, 4 April 2003. See below for description and details.

Modernist Cultures

Modernist Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference
Birmingham, UK
25th-28th September 2003

Founded in 1999, the Modernist Studies Association is devoted to the study
of the arts in their social, political, cultural, and intellectual contexts
from the late nineteenth through the mid-twentieth century. Through its
annual conferences and journal, Modernism/Modernity, the organization seeks
to develop an international and interdisciplinary forum for exchange among
scholars in this revitalized and rapidly expanding field.

The fifth annual Modernist Studies Association Conference is the first to
be held in Europe. Hosted by the University of Birmingham and the
University of Sussex, it will take place in the heart of the multicultural
city of Birmingham, a world-renowned conference centre and the UK's second
city, where Victorian architecture mingles with exciting and innovative
redevelopment. The programme will include plenaries, panels, peer seminars,
prose and poetry readings, along with film screenings and book and art
exhibits specifically related to the international and interdisciplinary
study of modernist cultures.

Conference Coordinators:
Andrzej Gasiorek and Deborah Parsons (University of Birmingham)
Laura Marcus and Peter Nicholls (University of Sussex)

Conference Administrator: Samantha Skinner, Department of English,
University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, UK.

Calls for panel and individual paper proposals follow. Please note
that MSA rules do not allow participants to lead a seminar and present
a paper for a panel at the same conference, though participants may present
a panel paper and participate in a seminar, or chair a panel and lead a
seminar. (The seminar roster is currently being finalized. If you
have proposed a seminar and have questions at this time, please
address them to Doug Mao, [log in to unmask])

All who attend the MSA Conference must be members of the organization with
dues paid for 2003.

Deadline: 4 April 2003

How do I propose a Panel?

Proposals for panels must include the following information.  Please assist
us by sending this information in exactly the order given here.  Use as a
subject line for your e-mail: MSA 5 PANEL PROPOSAL / [LAST NAME OF PANEL

* Session title
* Session Organizer's name, institutional affiliation, discipline or
department, mailing address, phone, fax, and e-mail address
* Chair's name, institutional affiliation, discipline or department, and
contact information (If you cannot identify a chair, we will locate one for
*Panelists' names, paper titles, institutional affiliations, disciplines or
departments, and contact information
*  A 500-word abstract describing the panel as a whole and the content of
individual papers

MSA policy on panels:

1. No participant may present more than one paper at one conference, and no
participant may both present a paper and lead one of the conference's seminars.
2. We encourage interdisciplinary panels, and strongly discourage panels on
single authors.
3. We encourage panels with three participants.  Panels of four and
roundtables of five or six will be considered.
4.  Panels composed entirely of participants from a single department at a
single institution are not likely to be accepted.
5. All MSA panels must have a chair who is not giving a paper.  Please
attempt to locate a moderator, but if you do not have one, we will locate
one for you.

Send panel proposals to Samantha Skinner, [log in to unmask] by Friday 4th
April, 2003.  Early submission is strongly encouraged.

Individual Paper Proposals

In addition to pre-arranged panels, a limited number of individual papers
may be accepted for the program of MSA 5.  Please send your name, paper
title, institutional affiliation, discipline or department, and contact
information, along with a 500-word abstract of the paper, to Samantha
Skinner, [log in to unmask] by Friday 4th April, 2003.  Early submission
is strongly encouraged.

This site will be regularly updated with information and news about the
conference.  Please refer any queries to Samantha Skinner at
[log in to unmask]