"Rickard A. Parker" wrote:
> By the way, are those Congressional "freedom fries" served as a side
> dish with Salisbury steak on a bun?

I almost included that in my original post -- but checked the OED first,
& it seems that was not (as I had always thought) a WW 1 renaming. It's
named after a Dr. Salisbury (American, died 1905) who promoted a special
kind of hamburger steak. I believe they did change the name of
sauerkraut but the name didn't stick after the war.

I also remember now a filler in the reader's digest that went something
like "Help defeat Hitler, call him by his right name, Schickelgruber."
There are so many believers in word magic!

A German professor I had at the U. of Michigan who had been there during
WW 1 said he was paraded around campus and humiliated in various ways by
a mob of students. No protection from the  Univ. authorities.


> Regards,
>     Rick Parker