During WW 2 Americans, at least temporarily, and remembering with some
decent shame the gaucheries of WW 1, on the whole refrained from such
nincompoopery as is noted below. I do remember -- and even as an 11-year
old at the time it struck me as juvenile -- a Maggie & Jiggs comic strip
in which Jiggs comes home to find his wife and daughter smashing pottery
(it was made in Japan)! He then joins in this profound manifestation of
patriotic spirit. Could even Twain rise to the occasion offered by the
House in this news item? Henry Adams declared that a Senator was a hog.
Someone asked him what then was a representative. I can't quite remember
his answer to that, but I think it was something like that animal was
beneath the reach of language. (It's somewhere in the _Education_, which
I read over 50 years ago.)


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Subject: Kill the French
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"...dumb as a bag of hammers..."
- Ulysses Everett McGill

French bread = freedom bread
French kissing = freedom kissing
the French disease = the freedom disease
Family Affair's Mr. French = Mr. Freedom
et cetera et cetera

House cafeterias change names for 'french fries' and 'french toast'

Move reflects anger over France's stance on Iraq

Tuesday, March 11, 2003 Posted: 12:52 PM EST (1752 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The cafeteria menus in the three
House office buildings will change the name of "french
fries" to "freedom fries," a culinary rebuke of
France, [clip]