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> Too bad you caught it so fast, I was licking my lips over that one.<g>

 I laughed myself when idly re-reading my post and realized the error.  It
was a telling slip, perhaps indicating just how alienated some Ameircans feel
as to the Europeans and how different from the Europeans we have become over
the last couple of generations in particular.  It's not just the "bluebloods"
from Massachusetts who are able to brag now about being third, fouth, fifth
generation American.

> No Russians at Normandy (at least, no Soviets), that's true.  But there
> weren't nearly as many Germans, or German war material, as there would have
> been without a little distraction called the Eastern Front.  If you looked
> into it, I think you'd agree that the defeat of Nazi Germany had a lot more
> to do with events in the east than with battles in N. Africa, Italy or
> France.  Not that each of these wasn't horrific and important -- and, the
> USSR probably would not have made it without US material support -- but
> still, it is not we alone who defeated Nazi Germany, and if we tell the
> rest of the world it owes us a debt because we alone did so, the rest of
> the world will think we are either ignorant or lying.  And will be right.

I never said that we alone saved the world from the Nazis.  Obviously, the
British had a major role and you are quite correct that Russians forced the
Nazis to split their power, thereby weakening it.