Francis Gavin wrote:
> Always good to watch one of the chief ignorami on this list further incriminate themselves. First you discovered, obviously much to your blabbermouth chagrin, that the US not only is a NATO member but upon further investigation you're bound to learn that the United States founded the organization. And maintains it. How? Look it up clone.


If France holds steady, perhaps it will start making up for its failure
70 years ago to act to oppose Hitler's aggression in the Rhineland.
Historically, appeasement tended to work. You can appease a hungry dog
by tossing it a bone. But modern imperialist nations (Germany in the
1930s, the U.S. now, cannot be appeased. If it succeeds in its
aggression in Iraq that will only encourage further ferocity on its
part. I filter Kate to trash, but from the fragments of her stuff that
others quote I gather that from reading her posts one can get a feel for
how a "Good German" would have thought in the 1930s. She is a "good
American" in that sense.

The Russian-German-French alliance might just be powerful enough to call
a halt. The courage of the French is to be measured by the depth of
their opposition to U.S. expansionism.

I have no doubt as to the courage of the French people. Whether their
government can stand up to u.s. pressure is another thing.