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> We restored the political freedom of the French, so they would not have to
> do whatever the Germans told them to do, so now they are obliged to do
> whatever we tell them to do.

The French are doing what the Arabs want them to do and if they don't, they
no longer have oil or gas for their toy cars. And about the Russians doing
more than anyone else to liberate France from the nazis, I don't believe
there were any Russian soldiers on the beaches of Normandy.  That reminds me
of the last time my mari and I were in Paris.  We had intended to also visit
Normandy but like usual, I couldn't get enough of Paris. I wanted to see the
countryside of Normandy and the beaches, especially those where the boys
landed during World War II.  I remember asking my mari what was the French
name for Omaha Beach, but he couldn't remember and he had gone to boarding
school in Normandy as a boy, but he just couldn't recall.  One afternoon, we
were lounging at a cafe in Paris talking to an older French gentleman and I
asked this man if he knew what the French called Omaha Beach.  And he said,
"Mais, oui.  Omaha Beach."

If one of the three veto the Resolution and we and the British then go to war
with Iraq (one very likely scenario), the UN might as well disband.  Whether
they physically disband or not after such a scenario has become reality is
irrelevant since they will have absolutely no credibility left. And since the
UN headquarters is located in NY, what would be the point of the UN after
such a scenario? It would be an absurd presence.
What happens to NATO is not our concern.  We are not a part of NATO.  But, if
the British, the only true military power in Europe, decide to break from
NATO, then I think NATO's fate is obvious.
What we are is the most powerful country in the history of the world
(militarily and economically) and it is indeed fortunate for rest of the
world that we are a non-imperialist, democratic country. But, we will not
allow terrorist attacks against us.  The terrorists may be able to walk into
Paris without a fight and grab all of the goodies in the Louvre, but they
will never even be able to walk into the library in downtown Hyannis and take
one book.

       And nothing's as precious
       As a hole in the ground.

                 - Midnight Oil from "Blue Sky Mining"