In the "The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1914-1944"
I came across a letter from a woman named Gamel to Russell
where she wrote:

    Longmans Green are going to bring out my book some time in the late
    spring I think. I am glad, for I think in a small way it is a useful
    book. It is such a painful picture of the war state of mind. It is to
    be called Death's Other Kingdom, from T. S. Eliot's line "Is it like
    this in Death's other kingdom?" ...

Russell identified Gamel as Mrs. Gerald Brenan but I did a bit of web
surfing and came up with another name, Gamel Woolsey (1895-1968). She
was both a writer and poet.  "Death's Other Kingdom" (1939) has been
reprinted as "Malaga Burning: An American Woman's Eyewitness Account
of the Spanish Civil War" (Pythia Press, Reston, VA, 1998)

An online introduction is at:
Chapter One is also online:

    Rick Parker

Russell, Bertrand.  The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1914-1944.
Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1968)  p. 318
(This was the first American edition, there were earlier ones.)