I don't mean it any way at all except as I said it.  An earlier post claimed
that we needed to remember that we saved Jews in WWII, and I merely
pointed out that we did not do it until we were attacked.  That is a
historical fact and not an opinion of mine.

I do not see any way the rest of this is relevant to invading Iraq.  No one
has ever said Hussein is not a tyrant or murderer, but we are content to
coexist with other tyrants and murderers.  It has not been US policy to
invade every country where there is any tyranny and murder, nor would it
be possible.

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> Hitler was slaughtering Jews and rounding them up all over
> Europe. There were no weapons inspectors in Germany, and Hitler was not
> destroying his missiles (or the equivalent).  And Japan attacked us
> before we entered the war.  To our shame, we turned away boats of Jews
> seeking refuge.

I believe that sweet Saddam has more than once stated his hatred of jews
in general and Israel in particular and has threatened Israel with attack
by chemical weapons.  There was, unfortuntely, a couple of incidents
during or before World War II where we turned away Jewish refugees.
However, I feel that America has more than made up for this "shame."  It
was our government who pressured the Soviet government to let their
citizens go and we then accepted all Russian Jews who wanted to come here.
 We have supported and befriended the country of Israel to the point where
the country of Israel is a major power in the world.  Finally, the largest
population of persons of Jewish descent do not live in Israel.  They live
in America.  In view of all of this, I don't believe there are many
persons who would fault America's treatment of persons of Jewish descent,
at least not in the way which you mean.