Well Carroll, that is what you think.  I wish I did actually.  But in fact the
American House of Representatives is making utter fools of all of us with
their "freedom fries" and "liberty toast," and members of the Bush
administration are saying barely coded threats of backlash at France.
This country is facing terrible bigotry, and what Kate says has this much
truth:  there are Americans who turn on whole groups.  It is serious and
terrible; it is not in this case just one person's blether.  So I do not agree
with you or Peter, and I made a point of the OT--which in general I avoid--
because I do think this is a serious matter and not simply a digression.

I also think in such a discussion it might be more useful to make one's
own point rather than to assert it as Truth.  Whether bigotry should be
ignored or not is a matter of one's view of how to deal with wrong and a
moral choice, not a fact to be announced or a practice anyone can define
as simply right.  I do not think this is buffoonery; I think it is McCarthyism.

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Nancy Gish wrote:
> I do not agree with your opinion of how to deal with bigotry.  You are
> quite free to deal with anything in the way you chose.

It depends. (Nice banality :-> ) Most posters on this list have at one
time or another shown their utter disgust with Kate's maunderings. She (or
they) has been thoroughly branded, and I think it has now become best
practice to ignore her.

She is almost a caricature of bigotry (one wonders if she is connected to
the Cuban Mafia in Florida). Several of my relatives who were deeply
racist never made buffoons of themselves as she does. I think Peter is
correct in this case.