I do not agree with your opinion of how to deal with bigotry.  You are quite
free to deal with anything in the way you chose.

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Rightly or wrongly such exploitation of hatred is
banned in Canada and would be severely punished.
I agree that genuine bigotry must be called out
for what it is.

I do not believe that what we have here is genuine bigotry.
It is so much rabble rousing, to get certain people upset
so they will respond in predictable ways. The way to deal
with such behaviour is to ignore it.

Dr. Peter C. Montgomery
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It does not matter where Tom lives.  What matters is that you make
sweeping generalizations about Americans to a list mainly made up of
Americans who do NOT think as you do, and you are therefore quite
clearly NOT speaking for Americans--this is simple logic.

I do believe that the kind of terrible claim you make must be denied or
one can be complicit, at least that is so for me.

I remind the list of what many may have read:  in Lewiston, Maine, long
after 9/11 two hate groups came to stir up the people against Muslims who
had moved there.  A couple thousand people went to an alternate rally to
support the Muslim people; 30, of whom most were the hate group
themselves, turned up to support the bigots.

There is no broadly general American tendency to hate or to discriminate;
it is an ugly part of this country that we need to rise above and reject.
Lewis Lapham argues in "What's American about America" that we have always
been polyglot, and he gives the evidence.

I am so embarrassed about a group of supposed adults who actually make
laws changing "french fries" to "freedom fries" that I am glad I am not
traveling abroad now.  It is excruciatingly childish, stupid, ignorant,
and hateful--aside from being utterly inane.  MORE IMPORTANT:  Maine has a
very, very large Franco-American and French-speaking population.  Are we
supposed to hate our students now because their names are French? This is
appalling.  Who is next?  Do we rename hamburgers or braunschweiger?
Those are German words.  Germany does not support us.  Do we hate the
Chinese?  Smash all the vodka?  Do we boycott the British because
something like 80% disagree with us or support them because Tony Blair
ignores them?

This is mad.

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> Kate, your determination to paint Americans as "disliking Arabs greatly"
> is ugly, dangerous and untrue

Where do you live, Tom?