Hello all,

What a pleasure to find that there's actually a T.S. Eliot mailing list.
I don't know why it took me so long to actually *look* for one.

By way of a quick introduction: I'm English, a 25-year-old web developer,
living in Atlanta in the USA.  I've recenly started approaching Eliot
in earnest -- my earlier attempts, as a high school student,
were, though enthusiastic, rather bewildered.

My interest in Eliot has been re-kindled, in large part, by the many
references and allusions to his work that I keep tripping over in popular
culture - and primarily in the lyrics of my favourite band, The Sisters of
Mercy.  Rather than keep blathering on about Eliot at the members of
*that* list, I thought I had best find a more appropriate forum.

I'm afraid I find my mind rather rusty, after years of neglect and abuse,
but I do very much look forward to discussing with and learning from you
all.  As I re-read Eliot, I find so much insight, such acute observations,
and such elegant (such intelligent?) style that I wonder why I ever let
myself become so bogged down in tracking down Eliot's references and
sources that I failed to see the poem itself.

And now, I need to run to catch my bus.  Thanks for having me.