"And judging by SONS AND LOVERS he did it in a very
Oedipal, Freudianway. I still say he was Freud's PR
--- Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I wouldnt judge Lawrence with that work, for there is
a marked difference between his earlier and later.
Lawrence made it very clear in his "Fantasia of the
Unconscious" how much was Freud relevant to him. His
later works do focus more on sexual relations but
seldom as related to incest motives or anything
pshycho analytical.  I have a passage of Leavis which
should throw more light on it :

"With Sons and Lovers Lawrence put something behind
him.  Not for nothing did he warn Edward Garnett not
to expect anything else of that kind: “I shan’t write
in the same manner as Sons and Lovers again”(Letters).
 Lawrence, of course, has more than one subsequent
‘manner’, but what he is recognizing here is that he
has put something behind him for good.  The acute
emotional problem or disorder which queered his
personal relations and the play of this intelligence
has been placed – has been conquered by
‘intelligence’, manifesting and vindicating itself in
creative art.  He is now freed for the work of the
greatest kind of artist..."

- vishvesh

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