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Now, if I were an evil Dictator hell-bent on acquiring and keeping power, I would wait for the Americans to foolishly land on my shores.  There is only one decent entry point for a mass landing at Iraq, especially if Kuwait and SA won't help, and that is the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates.  So, we land say, 50,000 troops for the march to Baghdad.  As soon as the USofA landed, I'd pop enough Chemical and Biological agents on them to bring the death-toll up to Vietnam in a day.  After waiting a day or so for this to sink in, I'd nuke Tel Aviv -- now it's just a free-for-all with what, 2 million dead in 2 days?  Then I'd wait, out of town.  Like Pakistan out of town.  But of course, I wouldn't tell anyone I was gone and one of my body doubles would be waiting like a madman in Baghdad.  He'd call a meeting with the top generals and as soon as they showed up (with maybe some of the cabinet, too?) I'd nuke Baghdad.  A big Up Yours America -- I'd lose the battle but might just start the War.

That's not even the worse case scenerio -- Israel didn't nuke back and North Korea didn't rise to the occasion. 

You paint a dark picture, but don't worry, although Israel has shown great restraint in not responding to Iraq paying the suicide bombers, Israel will respond if Iraq attacks Israel and Iraq then will be gone in the blink of an eye, even before Saddam has the chance to destroy his own capital.  Israel will respond and we will respond.  But, still, this is a dark scenario, as well, as we are talking about the use of nuclear weapons.