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Consider a simple fact. (I make no assertion as to subjective motives in
Washington, but merely note the public fact.) A U.S. Army occupying Iraq
would have its finger on the carotid artery of Europe and Japan. The
U.S. does not need Mideast oil for its own purposes: its oil comes from
Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, and Nigeria. So the coming war is not for oil
but for _control of oil_. That could be worrying France, and the concern
would be quite rational.

Well, this is truly interesting.  I agree with your post almost entirely.  I don't think most people truly realize this, but we don't need the Arab oil.  Sure, we buy some oil from them, to have an abundance.  But, we get most of ours from the countries you mentioned and also, which you didn't mention, from our own means.  So, what is worrying France, that they have no oil of their own and that they will have to depend on us for it?  Do they really think we will stay in Iraq once we remove that insane man from power and dispose of his weapons  - to control the oil fields?  Even if that scenario came to be, France would rather deal with Saddam, a crazy dictator who keeps his people in chains, than with us?  So, maybe what everyone is saying is true.  Maybe France is no longer our ally.  In any case, I believe that the real government plan is to send in people from Jordan, the most moderate Arab country, to form an interim government in Iraq once Saddam is removed, and I do sincerely believe that will be the scenario.