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In any case, I think SOME lyrics by MacDiarmid and SOME poems by
Marianne Moore are far more brilliant than SOME poems by Stevens,
Eliot, et. al.  No one is uniformly just "great."

As to your sentiments on Moore and MacDiarmid, you must be joking.  As to your belief that no one is uniformly great, I disagree.  Stevens is uniformly brilliant, amazing in light of the amount of poetry he wrote.  That you do not recognize his brilliance is too bad for you, but it hardly matters in the scheme of things.  You asked me to explain to you why I hold this opinion of Stevens. I cannot answer you in a sentence or two.  And I can never answer you completely even when I do have the time, for if you do not feel what I feel . . . .  However, you must realize that I am but one of many persons into the study of poetry who hold this position on Stevens.
By the way, I would also say that Eliot is uniformly good.