Firstly, is that "L M" or "i m", because I'm Hadden would be really funny with respect to the Novel / Movie _Contact_  :)

Now, for the Eliot.  The "notes" were available in 1923 (?) with the first non-magazine publication of _The Waste Land_.  Eliot was always tainted by poor scholarship, unless you count Poems 1920 which, although important were a lot like Nirvana's _Bleach_ album before _Nevermind_, filled with some choice meat but certainly not the main course.  In this way Eliot is really the first 20th century poet, living in a world of commentary and second guessing.

Michael (scroll down for a completely OT commentary -- feel free to avoid)

So the three things that ruined the 20th century and American (and Metastically, Western Culture) are as follows (with explanations, too):

Welfare, the Pill, and Supply-Side Economics.

Welfare:  In the 30s, people went to work, the government paid them enough to live on. Since "the great society," people pretend to want to work and the government pretends to give them enough to live on, thereby giving us 2 whole generations now who are a: generally dipshits and b: have a grandiose sense of entitlement [poor educational theories have also given them abnormally high self-esteems and no sense of arithmatic or grammar].

the Pill: when you remove the fear, awe, and reverence of procreation from the equation, sex becomes a complete power play and it is hard to find someone with whom you can truely become one flesh -- it all becomes about pleasure and immediate gratification -- we become permanently 15 [now, I know that it put power in the hands of women, that's all good, but you don't topple one power structure only to put another in its place].  Also, the health effects are insane!  Did you know it ages your uterus 5 years every year you're on it?  You've got to count in pill years!  "Well, I'm 32 but I've got the uterus of a 65-year-old -- how screwed up is that?

Supply-Side Economics [I don't bat for either political team]:  The essence of SSE is that if you build it, they will come [ha! didn't think that was a Reagan movie did you?].  What it has given us is complety tawdry unscripted farce in "entertainment," "news," fast "food," and cars.  Who in the hell needs an SUV except maybe Rick Parker and my friend who drives through swamps on a daily basis?  Why do millions of us watch _Survivor_ and _Joe Millionaire_ or glue ourselves to every dipshit word uttered by Drs. Phil or Laura or Howard Stern?  What in the hell are Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw thinking?  Don't they know that Kim Jong Whomever is in charge of the Communist Party in Korea is poised to nuke the shit out of the Left Coast?  Have you seen what goes into fast food?  Did you know that there was Grade F meat? 
What all this boils down to is that If you give the rats cocaine, they'll starve before they pick cheese over blow -- our culture is heading to the floodgates fast and we'd better start building that ark out of whatever good we have left in us before we're up to our asses in floodwaters wondering why in the hell God hasn't sent that helicopter yet.

Whoo.  That was fun.