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> Actually, if we (?) are thinking in symbolic terms rather than in terms
> of the physical death of actual people, Kate was perhaps not too far off
> in her rather astounding collocation of astronauts and movie stars! Why
> are the deaths of celebrities so much more touching ("touch more
> people") than any other deaths. Kate, in the post Nancy quotes, seems to
> agree with Guthrie's radio announcer: "nameless people die every day."
> I don't think so. With due sympathy for the astronauts (or anyone killed
> today in a traffic accident), I think the deaths of Guthrie's deportees
> make a rather better myth, a rather more profound myth, than is apt to
> be made of the astronauts' death  -- better also than Eliot's "dung and
> death." They can stand, for example, for the thousands of Panamanians
> the U.S. army killed in arresting an ex-CIA stooge (more on this below).

Oh, yes, yes, thousands of Panamanians killed by the US Army in arresting 
ex-CiA.  You think that is that is the whole story? You are so anti-American, 
probably more so than Saddam.  Do you have any idea of what kind of lives 
most Iraqi people live?  They can't even the imagine the kind of lives we 
live.  With due sympathy for the Astronauts, you say.  Well, by all means, 
make certain that you don't feel more sympathy than what you believe is due 
them.  I hope that you didn't catch any of the Memorial today, because those 
Navy singers doing their mournful sea chant may have moved you more than is 
appropriate in your world.

American people are actually very very caring.  If we know about it.  A 
little girl that fell into a well in Texas; a doggie that caught on ship 
going down.  They were in our hearts, too.

Every man's death diminishes me because I am a part of mankind.

I really like intelligent, fearless people.  I really like science fiction.  
As may be imagined, I really think highly of astronauts.

I really like folk songs, too.

Did you read about the army officer's plea
For donor's blood?  It was given willingly
By boys who took the needles in their veins
And from their bodies every drop of blood was drained
No time to comprehend and there was little pain

And so the story of Bangladesh
Is an ancient one again made fresh
By all who carry out commands
Which flow out of the laws upon which nations stand
Which say to sacrifice people for a land

       - Joan Baez

And the churchbells rang; they rang twenty-nine times
For each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald

       - Gordon Lightfoot