Re: Mopius Louse (This is OT but I can bring it back) Tons of research, obviously. That's why you misspelled Mark Van Doren.  Me and Mr. Parker, we don't speak much. Troll refers to no part of your anatomy, except maybe your mind and I doubt if he's seen any evidence of that.  But  there's no point in being disingenuous with me. You know what I mean.


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You copied that straight out of your little online ency-crow-peeja. Didn't you Brennen. Or should I say Wei. Or how about just plain Troll.  

No, obviously my observations were not from any encyclopedia.  Much of my post came from my readings on Archibald MacLeish, namely his Collected Letters, the Dialogues of Archibald MacLeish and Mark Van Doran and other writings by MacLeish.  As for calling me a plain troll, why don't you ask Mr. Parker if that's what I look like?