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I'm not sure 'supersubtle' is a word Eliot used much. To me, it's definitely

I think this is why Logan is so reviled -- he creates his own reality and his own strata of importance.  He is a builder of hierarchy and a definer of things.  If he defines "supersubtle" as an Eliotic word, it becomes so in a small way and perhaps he can change Eliot from being a fiddler of language into someone who glues things together in a haphazard and "oh-look--aren't-I-so-smart way" like James.
Eliot, and Stevens for that matter, would MUCH rather use a word like Philopolyprogenative or Concupiscent -- they liked to fool people (e.g. "deal" is a kind of wood -- always fools on the first few reads), Logan (and James) enjoy controlling them.