There's talk, says Illinois.
      Is there, says Iowa.
There's talk on the east wind, says Illinois.

Talk about what? says Kansas, says Idaho
      Can't make out; too far east, says Michigan.
It's east of the quoddy, says Maine, but I hear it.

What can you hear, says Virginia.
      Can't tell, says Maine.
Lots of fog, says Massachusetts.

      Listen, says Arkansas.
I gather that we have low ways and are plebeian, says Kentucky.
With our cell phones and our suv's and our cheeseburgers, says Rhode Island.
With our Hollywood, says California.

What, have they seen our women? says Florida and Louisiana.
What, have they seen our men? says New Hampshire and Alaska.
What, have they seen our kids? says West Virginia and South Dakota.
Have they seen our fields? says Iowa.
Have they seen our cities? says New Mexico
Have they seen our mountains? says Colorado

Yes, they have seen all of that and more, said North Carolina
And that is the problem, says South Carolina.
Then there's the matter of the bad blood, says New York.
Oh, yes, the blood we left behind when we left them, says New Jersey

Ha, ha, says Minnesota, forget them; let's all get together in Savannah this weekend.
Welcome to Savannah, says Georgia, what do you all care to drink?

Regards, Kate (with due apologies to Archie MacLeish