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Kate, I had read this also, and it makes me embarrassed to be an
American.  Are you suggesting by sending it that this sort of crude
podsnappery is ok or reasonable?

It sounds like you are embarrassed to be an American, whereas I and everyone I know are extremely proud to be American.  The dog woke me up early this wonderful Sunday (thanks, pooch) so I took her for a run on the beach and then began working in my garden.  After, I sat and looked around at the still sleeping neighborhood.  It's a little windy this morning, so I noted the flags on "all" of my neighbor's houses, waving peacefully away in paradise.

If you didn't like that piece on France (and some of the lines were simply hysterical) and didn't appreciate the humor, I'd advise you to avoid Jay Leno and David Letterman for the next few months. I think that one of the few characteristics that Europeans like about Americans is our sense of humor, our ability to satirize ourselves, others and ironic situations.

As the statistics I sent show, 59% of Americans share France's desire to
let the UN have more time and 62% share France's desire that the allies
be in agreement.  Shall we boycott, dump, and mock more than half of

And when the war begin and our boys are there, what are the numbers going to be, you think?

It's all very amusing to select a target and sneer, but it is not adult or
intelligent or useful.

Depending upon the Comedian, very amusing.  And I disagree, humor can be extremely useful, especially in difusing real bad or dangerous situations.