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We who are allegedly the ally of France are not supporting France.

What bull; it doesn't even make sense.  Supporting them in what?   Has anybody destroyed the Eiffel Tower lately?  It's not our fault that they have no oil and they'll have much less when it's over and done with, I fear.
And by the way, I beliveve we have thanked them for the lady in the harbor more than once.  Time for them to thank us, for giving them their countury back, their freedom back, THEIR PARIS BACK, and more than once. And, I absolutely love Paris.  I'm not happy with the present situation with France.
What a day. I truly believe that world events are affecting people's minds. Even here in paradise. Is it really, truly Friday. It must be; I wore jeans to work. Un vin blanc, si tu plait.
There have a been a few posts objecting to these off topic posts when Eliot is not even remotely a topic of coversation.  I would say to them that world events are distressing to the point that any thinking person cannot help but be concerned and be thinking.
Now, I do have an Eliot antectode.  I was relaxing the other night watching tv and there was on an old interview with Johnny Carson conducted by Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame.  Carson was recalling how he received the Hasty Pudding Award one year form Harvard Univeristy,  He said with raised eyebrows, "they put us (him and his wife)  in the Eliot room,"  He was making fun of himself, for though he certainly is an intelligent man, he is no intellectual and knows it and doesn't pretend otherewise.  This is the best I can do on this particular vendredi soir.