I can see that now we are onto Bush--
I wonder how any of you, fat academic cats, with all kinds of built-in coverages, retirement, health, out-of-print book royalties, summer homes in far-away places, whatever, would feel if your lives depended on Saddam Hussein's whim of the moment; say, he came to the conclusion that your reading of The Waste Land is one big chunk of you know what, and decided to cut off your sophisticated heads forthwith with his huge sword?  
What would do then, little chickens in the never-never land? Ahh?
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There is a disturbing attitude in this country, from what I read, that if the
French or a million Brits or anyone disagrees with Bush they must just be
wrong and childish ("someone has to be an adult") or treacherous (we
saved France so they should. . . ) or stupid or mad.

Those countries who are allegedly our allies and who do not support us now most definitely will pay for it later.  By the way, If I was a member of the French Government, I would start hiding the paintings in the Louvre now.