Are you able to find a copy of Word Unheard by Harry Blamires?  This book will give you the surest footing for understanding Four Quartets.   There is also an earlier work, Raymond Preston's "Four Quartets" Rehearsed, that is excellent and shorter.

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        Hello everybody,
        I am working in my final university work about Eliot's Four Quartets and specially "Burnt Norton". It would be very kind of you if you could send me some information about how to understand and interpret 'Burnt Norton' (notion of time, Eliot's basic ideas about time and Christianity in relationship with 'Burnt Norton', the imagery used in the poem --what it represents, which are the referents...--). 
        I also would need to find a magazine in which there are publicated quite a few articles about T. S. Eliot and the Quartets. The magazine's "name" is "Yeats-Eliot-Review: A Journal of Criticism and Scholarship", and it has been publicated for many years (I know there is a number dated on 1989, but I do not think this is the oldest one). It is not possible to find this magazine in Spain, and I do not know if there is some e-address in which this magazine is publicated.
        Thanks a lot for your attention,
        Elsa Benitez [log in to unmask]


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