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  Yes, indeed the current issue of M/M is now out. I just received my advance copies (I am a co-editor, but did not edit this one. This is Rainey's issue.) You can order single issues from the press if you're interested.

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Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 18:22:30 +0100
Subject: Eliot sighting

Eliot makes the headlines in the latest issue of the Times Higher Education
Supplement (14 Feb). A bespectacled Eliot is splashed threefold over the
front page, next to the title:

"Eliot letters fan flames of row over 'racism'".

The article informs us that the next (?) issue of Modernism/Modernity
includes a piece by Ron Schuchard on Eliot's correspondence with Horace
Kallen, a Jewish-American academic. The article is already controversial:
Schuchard says the letters prove Eliot wasn't anti-semitic, Anthony Julius
accuses Schuchard of 'misreadings' and a 'misuse of biographical material'.
The journal's editor says the debate is now reignited, but will probably
never come to an end (this should sound familiar to the list's

The existence of the Kallen correspondence has been known for some time - I
remember seeing articles on it in Journal of Modern Literature a couple of
years ago. I guess we'll have to wait to see what Schuchard made of it,
although it appears that some are already in the know.

We can already agree on one thing: the publicity was managed brilliantly...

Full story from the THES at


Raphaƫl Ingelbien
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