Elsa Benítez Fábregas wrote:

> I am working in my final university work about Eliot's Four Quartets
> and specially "Burnt Norton". It would be very kind of you if you
> could send me some information about how to understand and interpret
> 'Burnt Norton' (notion of time, Eliot's basic ideas about time and
> Christianity in relationship with 'Burnt Norton', the imagery used in
> the poem --what it represents, which are the referents...--).

You may (or may not) find this webpage useful:

    The Four Quartets side by side

    The poems that comprise T.S. Eliot's The Four Quartets ("Burnt
    Norton," "East Coker," "Dry Salvages," and "Little Gidding") have much
    in common. One way of reading them is to compare the corresponding
    parts of each. To do so the old fashioned way required flipping a
    number of pages or spreading copies of the poems across a table
    top. The new method involves placing each of the poems in their own
    seperate frame of a web brower and allowing the reader to scroll
    through them as needed.

> I also would need to find a magazine in which there are publicated
> quite a few articles about T. S. Eliot and the Quartets. The
> magazine's "name" is "Yeats-Eliot-Review: A Journal of Criticism and
> Scholarship", and it has been publicated for many years ...

Some information about the Yeats Eliot Review (valid as of March 1999)
provided by Russell Elliott Murphy, the editor:

    The YER subscription rate for individuals in the U.S. and Canada is
    $24.00 per volume year (a matter I always stress, as opposed, that is,
    to the calendar year; a volume is four distinct issues [unless, that
    is, one is specifically designated a "double issue"]). International
    rates for individuals are $32 per year surface mail, $40 per year by
    air. Any new subscriber should specify which issue the subscription
    should begin with (e.g., YER 16.1) rather than a year or month,
    etc. All subscriptions should be sent to
        Yeats Eliot Review
        P.O. Box 4474
        Little Rock, AR 72214
    and checks in U.S. dollars should be made payable to the Yeats Eliot

    Rick Parker