> I am interested to know whether Eliot's analysis
> of tradition may have had an influence on Polanyi's application of
tradition to
> science and on Polanyi's actual understanding of tradition.

This sounds like a potentially fascinating subject.
Let me say first of all that I am basically ignorant about Polanyi. But from
what you explain, I guess there is some work on Eliot you may want to read.

There have been comparisons between Eliot and Gadamer (on their concepts of
tradition and prejudice). Closer to your own concern with the methodology
and history of science, some critics have drawn parallels between Eliot's
concept of intellectual/cultural tradition and T.S. Kuhn's theories about
paradigms and scientific communities. I myself find the parallels a bit
rash, but perhaps Polanyi is the missing link between both?
For comparisons between Eliot and Kuhn, we, i.e. the intellectual community
here ;-), could refer you to the work of Jewel Spears Brooker on Eliot.
Unfortunately, I don't remember which title in particular would be of
interest to you (Reading the Waste Land? The Placing of T.S. Eliot?). I hope
the list can help with this - there are many here who know Brooker's work
quite well.

I hope this helps,


RaphaŽl Ingelbien
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