I don't like phrases like 'quintessentially French' (or English, or American
or whatever nationality). But Chirac's behaviour was quintessentially
Gaullian - an aspect of French politics that isn't the best thing the
country has produced. After a disastrous first term and a presidential
campaign that saw him reelected in shambolic circumstances, Chirac is trying
to make sure that he goes down in history as a true heir of de Gaulle. I'm
afraid his stance and rhetoric on the Iraq crisis have a lot do with this,
and no doubt France's own oil policy is also in the background. It saddens
me to think that internationalists must rely on such allies to try and
prevent a hazardous military adventure.


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> I wish I had a transcript of the thrashing that
> Chirac alias DeGaulle gave to the new entrants
> to the EU for their siding with the US in that
> letter of 8 European PMs. He talked about their
> bad breeding, their bad tables manners &c. Then
> he said, this would have been an excellent opport-
> unity to shut up. I bust a gut. How quintessentially
> French was that rhetoric.
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> Peter.
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