Yes, folks, we are OT. We are OT big time. No wonder we are, since the
trolls and nutcases on the list have been hyperactive over the last 24
hours, and some of us have been foolish enough to try and answer their
Believe me, folks, the vast majority of posters and lurkers out there know
what to think about the sorry lot who are trying to wreak havoc on this
list. We know who they are, and how they think (when they actually think,
that is).

You may think that if you don't react, they will be able to corrupt some
innocent newcomer or give him/her the impression that their opinions are
accepted by everyone. But anybody with a bit of sense or experience will
realize that that is not the case. We've just seen what answering leads to:
forty-odd messages full of nonsense, insults, hurt feelings, voices crying
in the desert, and no Eliot content whatsoever. In other words, a troll's
dream come true.

Now, if you can't ignore them, PLEASE remember the OT LABEL in the subject
line. It saves the rest of us a lot of time.


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Subject: Re: the War (I suppose we're woefully OT now)

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> <<Israel will respond if Iraq attacks Israel and Iraq then will be gone in
the blink of an eye, even before Saddam has the chance to destroy his own
capital.  Israel will respond and we will respond.  But, still, this is a
dark scenario, as well, as we are talking about the use of  nuclear
> I'm pleasantly surprised, Kate, to hear that you consider this a "dark
scenario."  From what you'd written in the past, I half-expected that this
was the result you were hoping for, rather than a regrettable (but evidently
acceptable) possibility.
> Tom K