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> The polls now and all along have shown support for the war IF the UN
> supports it and IF our allies support it.

What allies? the English, the Israelis, the French?  Well, Britain and Israel
do support us, as do a whole lot other nations, and I don't know if the
French matter to us anymore.  Let someone else liberate Paris this time.
That's what everyone I know is saying.  You are just not correct in your
assessment in this, Nancy, about how most Americans feel.  Most Americans do
not feel like you on this matter; they are concerned about a possible
chemical attack by Saddam's operatives and other possible terrorist attacks.
They want us to go into Iraq and do it real quick.  That's how most people
here feel. That is really my point of view, too, but I have been impressed
that the head U.N. Inspector, Hans Blix, has taken himself and his mission
seriously, which I believe has helped the U.N's reputation enormously.