Michelle Hadden wrote:

> [Hecht] describes what it was like to
> read Eliot in the 30s when no commentaries were
> available, and when it was simply the sound of
> the language and the haunting resonance of a few
> images that drew people in, and kept them reading.

Rick Parker wrote:

> I find this to be a better description of appreciation
> than understanding.

Francis Gavin wrote:

> As in: "I appreciate these poems but I don't understand them" v.
> "I understand these poems, but fail to appreciate them." Yeah right.
> Maybe if we substitute the "I" for "You" and add an instructor.
> Of the very instructive variety. Very good Mr. Parker.

Ah, an example to show that I DO know that getting the sound of the
language IS understanding!  Because, while I can't clearly make out
what you mean by your choice of words. their tone conveys your meaning.

    Rick Parker