As in: "I appreciate these poems but I don't understand them" v. "I
understand these poems, but fail to appreciate them." Yeah right.

Maybe if we substitute the "I" for "You" and add an instructor. Of the very
instructive variety. Very good Mr. Parker.


on 2/18/03 7:30 AM, Rickard A. Parker at [log in to unmask] wrote:

> Michelle Hadden wrote:
>> Anthony Hecht has written a perceptive essay
>> on T.S. Eliot, published this quarter in Literary
>> Imagination.  He describes what it was like to
>> read Eliot in the 30s when no commentaries were
>> available, and when it was simply the sound of
>> the language and the haunting resonance of a few
>> images that drew people in, and kept them reading.
>> I find this to be a much more poignant description
>> of "understanding" than any set of footnotes.
> I find this to be a better description of appreciation
> than understanding.
> Regards,
> Rick Parker
> P.S.  After shoveling the driveway this morning I measured
> the snowbanks alongside the driveway.  They actually extend
> 8 feet beyond where the driveway meets the street.