I have a brief excerpt of an Ezra Pound propaganda lecture that I
transcribed from an audio tape lecture from Dr. Jeffery Perl. I probably
transcribed some of the names wrong, as I have no spelling reference - just
the audio tape. You may find this interesting.

-- Steve --


Part of a broadcast by Ezra Pound over Rome Radio to London on March 15,
1942, at the invitation of the Mussolini government. The speech was called


Your enemy is not Germany. Your enemy is money on loan, and it would be
better for you to be infected with typhus and dysentery and Bright's disease
than to be infected with this blindness which prevents you from understanding
how you are undermined, how you are ruined.

The big Jew is so bound up with his loan capital that no one is able to
unscramble the omelet. You have no race left in your government. God knows if
it can be found still scattered in England. It must be found scattered in
England. The white remnants of England, the white remnants of the races of
England, must be found and must find a means to cohere. Is there a race left
in England? Has it any will left to survive? You can carry slaughter to
Ireland but will that save you? I doubt it. Nothing can save you, save a
purge. Nothing can save you, save an affirmation that you are English.
'Horabalihsa' is not, 'Isaacs' is not, no 'Sassoon' is an Englishman
racially, no 'Rothschild' is English, no 'Stricker' is English, no
'Roosevelt' is English, no 'Baruch', 'Morganthou', 'Cohen', 'Leman',
'Warberg', 'Kuhn', 'Cahn', 'Shif', 'Siv', or 'Soloman' was ever yet born

And it is for this filth that you fight.

In the year 1942. there is only one start that you can make and that is a
start toward being England; a refusal to be a province of Israel;  a refusal
to be an outpost of "Yanko -Judea".