Francis Gavin wrote:
> Obviously you don't know how to read an email thread Carrol. I was
> responding to Lukens post, his response to you which you have so
> conveniently cross-posted on the Eliot list, not your post. I never for a
> moment did I consider you to be the troll in question but thanks for further
> muddling things by also posting a response I made to Troy a few days ago as
> if I had also sent it to you.
> In any case I was defending you. Not addressing you. You fool.

Yup -- I realized that the second reading. Threads piled up in one past
can be confusing! And in my reply (in addition to the mistaken
construal) I made another e-mail error (as you had in your original
post). I merely tacked on at the end the post I was responding to. On at
least one list I have been on, the list software simply bounces all
posts which quote text other than the specific text responded to.

That is the policy I'm following on this post: I've deleted all of your
post except the specific part that I'm responding to. It saves bandwidth

Sorry for the confusion.