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> the theme that US troops should not be fight, eg, "Jewsevelt's War"
> (one of the LESS offensive formulations) is plainly treasonous when
> broadcast over enemy radio at time of war.

Since it looks like we are heading into another war and one way where
many more people than just mad poets don't want us to enter, what I'm
going to ask (rhetorically) may lead to argumentative political posts
but I'm posting anyway.

What if Ez spoke the same words to his brother-in-law?  To a young
man not yet drafted?  To a solider at the home-front, To one being
shipped out?  In front of a USO?  The White House?  When would it
become plainly treasonous?

Before convicting Pound of treason I'd want to know what he said.
Since I'm not really interested in his rantings I'm not ready to
call him a traitor.

    Rick Parker