Carrol Cox wrote:

> After 50 years of calling everything we don't like "fascist"
> (or Nazi), one loses a sense of the specific differentiae of those
> phenomenat, their historical location. And of of their aspects was
> that they appealed in very different ways and for very different
> reasons to different 'sectors' of the population. Someone needs to
> (perhaps someone has and I just haven't heard of it) write a book on
> the form fascism took in the mind of the intellectuals it attracted
> (Pound, Eliot, Yeats, Lawrence, W. Lewis, Heidegger, etc.)

Don't forget the "advertising" for fascism that the U.S. had on its
dimes (10 cent pieces).

Taken from:

    The so-called "Mercury Head" type ran from 1916 to 1945.  The head is
    actually a depiction of Liberty wearing a cap with small wings at the
    ears, evocative of the god Mercury.  The reverse features a fasces (a
    battle ax surrounded by a bundle of staffs)...a design element later
    made infamous by the Fascists of Italy.

Since the above page is serves its pictures a bit slowly you can
view the back of the dime with this:

    Rick Parker