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> The Pound issue is fascinating to me; the decision not to prosecute him, and the factors going into that, are not discussed as much as they should be, in my opinion.

The relevant points were two:

1) Pound had written the greatest poetry in English in the 20th century
(and the subsequent decades have only confirmed that)

2) It wasn't doing anyone a lot of good to keep him in St. Elizabeths.


nor is it for nothing that the chrysalids mate in the air
                                color di luce
green splendour and as the sun thru pale fingers
Lordly men are to earth o'ergiven
        these the companions:
Fordie who wrote of giants
        and William who dreamed of nobility
                and Jim the comedian singing:
                     "Blarrney castle me darlin'
                     you're nothing now but a StOWne"
and Plarr talking of mathematics
        or Jepson lover of jade
Maurie who wrote historical novels
        and Newbolt who looked twice bathed
                        are to earth o'ergiven.
        And this day the sun was clouded
--"You sit stiller" said Kokka
"if whenever you move something jangles."