You copied that straight out of your little online ency-crow-peeja. Didn't
you Brennen. Or should I say Wei. Or how about just plain Troll.


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On the other hand, if we were dealing with an alleged fascist with democrat
we'd proabbaly be in St. E's with uncle Ezra, remembering exactly what
he used for TWL.

It's interesting how many fellow "famous" poets/writers of that era
contacted politicians and tried to use their influence to get Pound released
from the mental hospital.  MacLeish, for example, made significant efforts
although he entirely disagreed with Pound's views and, in fact, thought him
insane.  MacLeish greatly admired Roosevelt, also, and Pound was continually
calling Roosevelt a criminal.  Yet, I suppose MacLeish felt for a fellow
poet, the horror of  being locked in such a place; also, Eliot has
personally requested MacLeigh to intercede if possible.