Peter Montgomery wrote:

> Darn it, Gunnar. You really need to tell us all about the
> Bauhaus and Gropius et al. (good old al.). It is
> crucial to this period and will throw light on some of
> the poetic technique of the time, as will Kandinsky help
> us with the use of colour. It's your field.

When Gunnar came to visit I was hoping that we could manage a trip to
Walter Gropius' own house in nearby Lincoln but something came up
(literally) that kept us from it.

The home is now owned by a preservation society and is open to the
public.  Besides the Bauhaus features that others could describe
better it has two things that are strange enough to comment on.

The master bedroom was seperated into two small rooms with a wall and
a door.  The wall conisted of an upper wall of glass atop a lower
wall. The purpose was to keep the house warm because Mr. &
Mrs. Gropius always slept in the outer corner of the room with the
windows open at night all year long.

Gropius' daughter wanted a seperate entrance.  He gave her one.  The
bedrooms were on the second floor and she was given an outdoor
fire-escape looking staircase for her use.  It was however placed in
front of a large window in the living room so her coming and goings
could be seen.

The society's site for the house is at:

This site also has pictures (more easily accessible):

Here is a picture of the staircase:

    Rick Parker